Low-Intensity Collimated Ultrasound


VytronUS has used its expertise in ultrasound technology to develop a catheter-based imaging and ablation platform based on Low-Intensity Collimated Ultrasound (LICUâ„¢). LICU is a uniform, narrow beam of energy that extends from the catheter tip. The catheter itself is not in contact with the tissue, thus eliminating the issues characteristic of contact-based ablation platforms, and enabling the acoustic beam to be swept across the tissue allowing for the creation of free-form continuous lesions. The acoustic energy readily passes through the blood and enters the tissue where it is absorbed, producing heat, and creating a highly-controllable lesion. In addition, LICU is capable of producing anatomical maps allowing physicians to efficiently and strategically plan and place lesions, optimizing both safety and efficacy. These properties allow for a new paradigm in the treatment of atrial fibrillation in which the physician has enhanced visualization, and better control over lesion placement and depth.