A new paradigm
in the treatment of
atrial fibrillation.

Low-Intensity Collimated Ultrasound

Vytronus offers the only AFib treatment option which uses Low-Intensity Collimated Ultrasound (LICU®). LICU® inherently does not require catheter contact with the tissue to image and ablate. Using a computer-controlled catheter tip, the Vytronus LICU® system can precisely generate high-resolution anatomical images as well as characterize the underlying tissue. Using the same catheter, the system can also deliver ultrasound energy for therapy along a user-specified lesion path.

What Makes LICU® Different?

LICU® enables high quality, continuous lesions. This is essential to avoiding gaps which lead to AFib recurrence.
High resolution anatomical images of the heart with 15,000 anatomical data points generated in under 3 minutes.
Patient specific, tailored therapy.


Versatile and Flexible

The only integrated imaging and therapy ultrasound-based automated solution aiming to treat the widest range of AF patients.

Easy to use

Driven by an intuitive graphical user interface with a short learning curve.

Machine Learning System

Software driven therapy controls and feedback enable personalized therapy.

Intelligent Automation

Sophisticated and delicate control over catheter tip, with low “hands-on” time reducing user burden.